The Gym Management Software with Social Business Inside!

Another web tool? No, a business model to increase your revenue

SportRick combines new technologies with a decade of experience in the sports industry.
Sportrick is an innovative social-based software for fitness membership management, featuring e-commerce, workout tracking integration and physical access control totally cloud. Check-in, billing, payment processing, reports, class scheduling, access control: SportRick is a full membership solution totally web based!




  • Cloud. SportRick was born for the cloud. This is not only a technology choice but a business vision. We want to grow with our customers, and the cloud is the best way to do it. Our cloud provider is the world-renowned SoftLayer and in the last two years our uptime was 99.97%.
  • Hardware independent. Hardware independent. Feel free to work with Mac, Linux, Windows, Android.. SportRick is fully web based! Nothing to install on your PC, immediate start with any new device, limitless number of users or devices!
  • Access control and automation. We have deployed special RFID devices to manage access control in cloud. They also work off-line when Internet connection is unavailable. SportRick works with standard RFID (125KHz – 13.56Mhz Mifare), Barcode (1D – 2D), magnetic badges. Our terminals can open turnstiles, doors, gates… SportRick can also manage prepaid-services like showers, hair dryers, sunbeds.
  • API. To implement special projects and integrations, SportRick features many API functions to connect to the database.






  • Marco Plebiscito
    Be your Best is a Gym in Ferrara with cardio equipments, weight area and 2 rooms for fitness classes (yoga, pilates, martial arts, hip hop..). We opened in November 2013 and working with SportRick was an excellent choice, as it really does make a difference compared to other competitors' offers. At the beginning we didn’t have any software to check daily access or sell our services online. SportRick made everything much easier. It's an incredible help in terms of expired subscriptions control and unauthorised access to the facility. Its best asset is the cloud. A few months ago our computer burned out and we could have lost all our clients' data had we stored them in an installed software. Luckily we chose SportRick! Plus, now our customers are our best sellers!
  • Paolo Bonacina
    Soluzione1 - is an Italian company that provides consulting services to different industries, e.g. fitness centres. As an enthusiastic partner of SportRick, they offer software training, support and consulting, both via phone and in-situ. Soluzione1 is a staunch supporter of SportRick’s business model with the fitness centre at its core. “SportRick offers you a new business model, an innovative idea and the tools to implement it”.
  • Daniele Armelao
    Levico Terme Swimming Pool - We are happy with Sportrick, because it's simple and we can pay monthly. It did take some time to get used to it and we suggest focusing on staff support, as some people might not be "IT confident". Our team didn't find it difficult to use. Plus, it's handy, because you can manage your business from home thanks to cloud technology. Sportrick's assets are its flexibility and the fact that it can be tailored to each fitness centre's preferences and needs.
  • Filippo Mangiarotti
    Acquaria is a big multi-sport facility in Pavia (near Milan). We have 3 swimming pools (olympionic, semi-olympionic and fitness pool), fitness area, lounge cafe and a kid area. We rely on two turnstiles to control access and pre-paid cards for showers and hair dryers. With SportRick all our services are in cloud, automation included, and customers can easily manage their membership in real time. Now we are focusing on communication to increase customer interaction through our social network. SportRick has provided a valuable help to change our approach to the market. We no longer look for clients, but active social-oriented members.

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