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SportRickFast Track

Your members’ smartphones are packed with APPs that can be more or less useful. Even your APP, no matter how important to keep members in touch with the club, runs the risk of turning into one more icon they don’t pay attention to… unless it becomes an essential tool!

Thanks to SportRick Fast Track technology,
your APP becomes the easiest way to quickly access the club.

  • Easy access. Members can access the parking lot without getting out of their car, get through turnstyles or access the VIP area without taking their smartphone out of their bag or pocket.
  • Rule compliance. No more cases of membership card forgotten at home or lent to friends. Smartphones are personal devices that we always keep with us and don’t lend to anyone.
  • A tool for all. Bluetooth 4.0 technology is available in almost every smartphone and it doesn’t invade users’ privacy.
  • Quick check-in. Fast Track reduces check-in procedures to the core: people can buy their membership online and immediately have the physical tool to access the club without any QR code that can be easily duplicated or lent.


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