The Gym Management Software with Social Business Inside!

Another web tool? No, a business model to increase your revenue


SOCIAL BOOKING: a strategy for your community

Social Network, Smartphone and Tablet: unlock the power of your club!

The Web has a great potential beyond the mere search for information or online shopping. With the spreading of smartphones it’s easy to connect and use apps to take advantage of contents and specific functionalities. SportRick has developed a new system that combines all these capabilities: the Social Booking ®.

Friendship: at the heart of the system

Both club members and instructors can request other users’ friendship. Once you click on the add button you can share the club timetable of activities. Now, think how easy and immediate it will be to invite friends to classes or find a friend to train with. Instructors, if accepted as friends, will be able to monitor the activity of customers and invite them to classes or courses suitable for their goals. You can do all this with your smartphone, tablet or PC.

With Social Booking you will easily:


An effective Social CRM involves both tracking and market relationships management, customer loyalty monitoring and engagement in social dynamics.
With Sportrick you can focus on creating exciting studio classes. Have fun!
CRM is much more than emails or text messages! Together with marketing activities (such as telemarketing, mailing..) and community management, it provides a valuable tool for sales force coordination and customer engagement through invitations to events and activities, always monitoring members’ loyalty.